Regulators take untrustworthy broker targeted

Regulators take untrustworthy broker targeted

binary-code-475669_960_720Declared war have the European Supervisory Authorities the brokers who work with unfair means. Running the rules on trade and dealing with customers will be tightened.

In addition, the market guards regularly publish lists of providers that operate without a license and for which one should refrain therefore from opening an account or trading there rather.

British FCA warns in its business register

The competent UK regulator Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) considers recently next to the register with the licensed Online Scam companies on its website warnings against fraudulent financial service provided. These are marked on the home page in red, and provided better steer with warning symbol and the indication of this company.

A provider of binary options to a number of national authorities is the Broker Option Rally classified around the world as untrustworthy. Before him warnings from Canada to Hong Kong exist.

About a particularly brazen scam by fraudsters recently informed the French Autorité des Marches Financiers (AMF). People of the company J & B Groupe had phoned former clients fraudulent financial companies and promised to help them recover the lost money then just to rip again. The AMF is concerned that these callers would have spent as their representatives or partners and also used on documents their logo.

New rules for broker websites in Cyprus

The Cypriot financial Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission adopted meanwhile stricter conditions for regulated by their company. Especially the observed practice that clients want to access the web site of a company redirected to another page are limited.

For this reason, the broker must now report any different web offers and sites which they operate in the CySEC and on each side must be clearly visible as is the operating company from. This identification shall be made on a text in a prominent position or in a pop-up. The financial companies concerned have now implement two months to the new rules from 2 September. Whether a broker has a state license is an important criterion for assessing its seriousness. For this reason only providers are given with such license to

Always success in view

In Binärhandel it is the fact that the returns for an acquired Trade are always lower than the lost use of an option is finished out of the money necessary to have a constant rate of more than 60 percent to get off at the end with a profit. To achieve this goal it is important that one evaluates its results regularly and adjusted if necessary in different areas of their own trade practice.

Fixe transcripts also help stringent adhere to their own trading rules and to recognize in retrospect, where you may be somewhat deviated too much from it. Are these differences have in turn provided for the most profit, you have to see through the records of the possibility of the suspected success actuators and thus to establish new trading patterns.

No sense without structure

If you listed a lot of information, it is of course essential to structure this accordingly to avoid ending up losing track of and to be drowned in the flood of data. For this reason, one should distinguish between objective and subjective components.